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Coneland: The Prequel

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Coneland: The Prequel will serve as an introduction to the Cone characters and be exceedingly simple in concept.

The idea will be simply a game of catch being played out in a number of different zones. The woodland could be one zone.

The idea will be to catch the Cones with a large fishing net that the player swipes with. The Cones will run away from the player. If a Cone character is looking at the player then the Cone will dodge the swipe of the net.

Catching a Cone in the net will turn the Cone‘s face from happy to sad and they will toddle off to sit out the rest of that game.

The winner is the Cone who is caught last of all and the player for catching them all. If the clock timer runs down before the last cone is caught then the player has lost.

If the player catches all the Cones then the Cones lead the player to the next zone.

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