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Polygon Planet: Post 14 - ChatGPT and Me.

As you know I am hoping to use ChatGPT to control the NPC dialogue in my game.

In the last post I got the microphone working within Unity and so begun my first baby step in this direction.

The next step was to round trip a conversation from the Player to ChatGPT and back again.

I had in mind the following:

Player speaks (audio .wav) >> STT (text transcription) >> ChatGPT reply (text) >> TTS (audio .wav)

Having done some research on the available Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech services available from stand-alone to web services by Google, Azure and Amazon I opted for using Azure's services.

I set up an account for these on Azure and set up a pay-as-you-go account on ChatGPT so i could make use of its API. I then set up a little console app to test it all out.

Have a listen to my very first results. I think they are quite promising...

A conversation with ChatGPT pretending to be a farmer.

Seeding ChatGPT with information

So my next go has been to extend the previous code with some data about the game environment and the character that I want it to play. It seems quite promising. Check it out...

ChatGPT with a different voice actor and seeded with specific information.

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