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SOB: post 3 - reworking Player1

Decided that Player 1 - "AgentK" could be more comedy. We re-recorded the green screen videos with a new blue-wig character that would stand out well.

Besides blue and purple hair seems to be the latest trend here in Belfast!

We've now created scripted the walk and run animations for both players.

Here's a video showing the four walk and four run cycles for each player.

You can see that the WalkTowards and WalkAway are the most difficult to get right...

We might re-shoot the videos for these because it just looks like K and J are lifting their legs up and down on the spot - well that's cos they were! ... It's difficult to shoot a character coming towards or away from the camera given the space in our "studio" and that the camera focus is fixed. Also we would have a time-consuming job of normalising image height as the character gets further or closer to the camera!

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