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Canoe: Episode 1 - "The planks"

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Our homemade canoe has been progressing.

Cutting the planks proved to be quite tricky and required the patience of an adult.

planing the planks

All the planks have now been cut out and tied together with cable-ties as shown in the pictures below. --Stitching the planks together was quick and fun enough for the kids to get involved in. I also had my brother and my mum help me since they were staying for the weekend.

The next step was to fill the gaps between each plank with epoxy-filler paste.

So far filling the gaps with epoxy-filler paste has been pretty messy and not a job the kids wanted to help with.

I then realised there was a dip in the centreline of the hull and had to jigsaw out some of the epoxy-paste and attempt to re-shape and re-glue the planks to achieve a better line. :(

The inside definitely looks a mess and will need to be hidden with a good coat of paint.

Adding the walings
Adding the walings

I think that the outside is going to probably look pretty messy too. So the upside of this is that the kids should be able to get stuck in with painting it. :)

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