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Canoe: Episode 8 - "Testing"

Two weekends ago I had a quick test to see if we could get the canoe onto the car.

Canoe balanced on inflatable roof-bars.
Canoe balanced on inflatable roof-bars.

Dangerous driver!
Dangerous driver!

It just fits. It is a two-person job due to the awkward size of it. With the two kids helping to steady the ends I'm just able to get it up on to my head/shoulders and then onto the roof.

However, the weather deteriorated and so we didn't get to try it. The following weekend was great weather so we took it to the local river and it got it's maiden voyage.

No leaks, no accidents! Was very enjoyable and gratifying after all this time.

Being the maiden voyage I was too nervous to bring my phone or camera so pictures will have to wait until the next trip! I've got myself a water-tight bag for valuables now as well.

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