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Website logo - post 2

I took this picture of a monkey in the road when I was on a local bus in Sri Lanka a few years ago...

I started using it as an avatar on my profile for and quite liked it - since the monkey looked like it was thinking!

I recently thought it would be a good replacement for the cat logo for all the reasons mentioned in the previous post - and - because it looks like it it thinking which is great for a website devoted to games about solving problems or challenges.

Here is my first attempt to turn it from a photo to a black and white logo. I did this pretty quickly in PowerPoint and so the linework is quite crudely traced over the original photo and the vertices are very angular.

The next step will be to smooth out the vertices and make some of the thin lines a bit thicker so that the lines are not lost when the logo is shrunk down to icon size. Also my daughter suggested the tail could be wrapped around which might make it a more practical image shape.

To go with the new logo I have obtained a new domain which i hope to make the front-facing website if I ever get to the point of releasing any games.

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