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Canoe: Episode 3 -"Inwales"

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Adding the walings

All the seams on the exterior have been filled and I’ve now made a start on the walings as shown above. The inner walings are glued and nailed at 150mm centres with grip-fast nails. Bending the walings to follow the curve, whilst not splitting them was challenging and has put them into significant stress. I hope that the stress dissipates with time. I attempted the “scarf joint” to make the walings into a continuous 5m length on each side of the boat. However, i probably was supposed to join and glue them BEFORE I attached them to the boat and put them into bending. .. I didn’t do this and you can see that I struggled to get the joins tidy. The one on the side shown below ended up creating a nasty kink which I have had to cut out and patch again.

Kink at scarf-joint of waling

It’s now November and I’m away to Zanzibar for a couple of weeks. I need to get the epoxy tape on the exterior seams done before the weather is too cold for them to cure. I’ve ordered narrower tape (25mm) for most of it. The keel seam and the seams immediately adjacent I’ve done with 50mm wide just to be sure.

Thinner exterior glass seams

I’ve all the glass taping done now, but have run out of time to get the boat varnished prior to leaving for holiday. So for now I’ve wrapped it up in the tarpaulins and crossed fingers it’ll not get unwrapped by the wind or exposed to rain whilst we are away.

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