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SOB: post1

This is the first post about the new game we’ve started developing

“The Streets Of Belfast!” (SOB)

The game is to be a 2.5D side-scroller, beat’em up with an emphasis on encouraging more interaction than simply punching everybody.

Inspired by my own childhood favs like DoubleDragon and Streets of Rage but set in my hometown of Belfast.

Work has begun on the basic walk animations and UI mechanics.

The red and black “stick man” sprites were created in PowerPoint as placeholders until I’ve got the final animations recorded.

I’ve built our green-screen in the front room and we had a first go at recording videos from which I can extract key frames to build the animation cycles.

Here’s some pictures showing the actors getting ready...

Some initial work on the UI and ”thumb from above”...

Think the deeper voices sound better so we will probably do away with the chipmunk!

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